Gotta Try Sitting in this Chair!

Generation by Knoll

I haven’t tried this chair yet, it is not even out on the market. It is being presented at this years NeoCon, in Chicago and according to my source will be available to order in July, 2009 and shipping will start in September, 2009.

It looks really cool and I like the way it is so flexible. Cannot wait to try it out and see how it feels!

Here is a exert from the newsletter:

“We’ve reached a new understanding about the way people work and
how they sit throughout the day,” said Kent Parker, lead designer, Formway Design. “Generation by Knoll offers the freedom of movement that is essential in today’s collaborative workplace.”

This is “the first work chair that allows you to sit and work the way you want,” said Mr. Cogan. “It moves as you move and is designed to respond to the way people really sit, including seemingly unconventional postures. It’s all about being able to express yourself and your individuality.”

In sum, “Generation provides the ability to move through various pos-
tures and through various communications and working with other individuals,” said Ms. Utter, “and it does this with simplicity, of form and function.”

The chairs new level of elasticity was achieved through four principle features:
• Flex Back, which allows for a wide range of multi-dimensional movement
• Flex Top, which folds over the top edge of the back so you can rest your arms comfortably in more informal positions.
• Flex Seat, which supports forward facing, sideways or perched positions
• Dynamic Suspension control, which counterbalances body weight, resulting in a smooth and effortless ride

Lynn Utter (President and COO) and Andrew Cogan (CEO)

Lynn Utter (President and COO) and Andrew Cogan (CEO)

And it meets these LEED points:
• Recycled Content (2 points)
• Low-Emitting Materials (1 point) with its GREENGUARD® Children &
Schools certification
• Innovation in Design (1 point) with its SMaRT Platinum certification

With a list price of $1,195

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Serafine Janice Lilien, ergoarts
Call me directly at: 650-224-7294

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