About Serafine and ergoarts

Hi! My name is Serafine. I am an ergonomist.

I’m also an illustrator (medical and portrait), painter and sculptor. Here’s the story of why I went from being an artist to an ergonomist.

Currently serving the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas.

I help people at work use their body to be more productive, have more energy and feel good.

In other words, I help businesses reduce costs, avoid risks and enhance profitability through better productivity and morale.

I work with individual computer users at home and in the office as well as corporate office and industrial workers from clean room to mail room.

Since I’d like to help you, I have two special offers…

Free Offer for Businesses
A great place for us to start is with a Business Ergonomics Assessment Consultation and Report. Normally $1595, but as a Special Offer I can do this now for free for businesses up to 50 employees!Sign up now.

The BEAC&R assesses your workplace from an ergonomic standpoint and develops recommendations for opportunities and next steps to reduce costs and avoid risks, to cost effectively enhance productivity and morale.

Special Offer for Individuals
The other most common service I provide is Individual Ergonomic Evaluations. In an hour with each individual or employee, we

  • Identify potential sources/causes of discomfort, pain, and fatigue.
  • Improve work practices and techniques
  • Adjust the work environment
  • Select equipment or furniture (as needed – I don’t sell any equipment)
  • If equipment is needed, a follow-up session is recommended to ensure you or your employee learns to adjust and use the equipment in accordance to ergonomic principles.

For each ergonomic assessment, I also write a summary report to reinforce what we learned together during the assessment, and research and include any product and vendor recommendations.

Normally businesses pay $150 per employee for this service, but as a special offer,  I offer individual ergonomic assessments at home or in your office for only $95, a savings of more than 35% off!

Other services include: classes and group training, individual workplace risk assessments, workflow and process design, individual keyboard retraining, furniture and product recommendations/selection (especially during office buildouts, moves and reconfigurations), and human factors for production design.

I’d love to talk with you to answer any questions and discuss any way that I might be able to help you. My cell phone number is 650.224.7294, and my email is serafine@ergoarts.net

Finally, please feel free to read and comment on my blog.

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